Why you can trust me.


Travel planner (and film-maker)

Here I am: this picture shows very well both my passions and professions: travelling and film-making. I got a Master Degree in Cinema and this allowed me to live writing and directing movies, videoclips and travel videos. 

Thanks to this passion turned into a job, I happened to travel a lot... and I liked it.

So I started to travel more and more and more.

I began planning trips for my crew and myself. Everyone kept saying I was good at it, and after visiting 24 different countries in the world I thought that maybe they were right.


I really believe it.

That's why six years ago I decided to become a professional travel planner. At first I joined CartOrange, one of the best travel planner's network, and I learned a lot from them, and I worked a lot. 

But then I thought that maybe it could be better doing it as a freelance. So I accepted a new challenge and I did it. 

And after years spent sending people from Italy to other countries, I decided I wanted to help people from other countries to spend their time visiting Italy, the country I know best.


If you are the kind of guy that like numbers, here are mine:

- 24 visited countries

- 20 out of 20 Italian regions visited

- 6 years of travel planning

- 3 spoken languages

But I don't think numbers and skills are everything. What makes a real difference is passion: if you love what you do, if you're really fond of it, people around you will feel it immediately. 

And I want you to feel the way I feel about travelling. Your trip is my trip.

This, and only this, is my mission.

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