You ask. I answer.

Are you a travel agent?

No, I'm not. I'm a travel planner. This means I'm a freelance counselor specialized in planning trips. I do not have an agency and I do not sell Tour Operator's packages. I plan in details original trips only according to your desires and needs.

What is the Full Trip Service?

It's the most valuable service I can give you. If you choose this, you will receive a complete itinerary for your trip to Italy, meaning: 1. What to see and in which order 2. Where to sleep 3. Advices on typical food 4. All the links for reservations and much more.

What is the Journey Only Service?

It's basically the planning of your trip in terms of what to see and in which order. I will give you a route to follow so that you can maximize your time here in Italy, but nothing more. You will have to take care of everything else.

What is the Advices Only Service?

It's a service I provide to people who already have a planned trip. Suppose you already know what to see, when to see it, where to sleep, etc., but you would like to know what's the most tasty food of that region, or where you can find that typical market, or how can you go from A to B spending a few euros, or if there's a specific restaurant or a bar or a night club, etc. Basically, I will help you to enjoy Italy as locals do.

Is it possible to have Journey Only + Advices Only Services?

No. But think about it: if you need a planned trip and you want advices, why shouldn't you get the Full Trip Service?

Will you make all the reservation and buy everything and then I will pay you all in once?

No. That's what a travel agent do. I am selling you just my Counseling Services. But I will put you in condition to make reservations and buy everything you need: I will give you all the links so you'll just have to click and buy.

Since it's a taylor-made trip, it will COST a lot.

No. My goal is to make you enjoy a lot spending a few. My counseling is meant to allow you to spend less than what you would spend going to a travel agency or falling into those horrible tourist traps. But I'm 100% transparent, so if I'll find out there's a cheaper way to do your trip than using my advices, I will tell you.

Can I change something during my trip?

Of course. I mean, hey, the trip is yours. Once you're in Italy, if you want to do something different from my suggestions, you can.

Must I make all the reservations before my departure?

No. You can make the most important ones before, and the others when you're here. But again, this is up to you: I will provide you all the link you will need. Then it's all in your hands. But if you will need help with that when you're here, you can ask me.

Since there won't be a guide with me during the trip, what shall I do when I get there?

We will plan everything in detail, so you will have all the indications you'll need to figure out what to do.

I do not speak Italian at all. Will this be a major problem?

I would say no. In Italy we're not great English speakers, but we all know the basics of your language, and we're going to help you anyway.

Since you're not an agency and this is not a Tour Operator package, what about the insurance?

I highly highly highly recommend you to stipulate an insurance policy for your health, your luggage and cancellations. I will help you find one, if you need.

What happens if I get there and I won't find the things you promised?

It never happened in 6 years. I am constantly updated and I won't ever suggest you something that's not 100% sure. For everything else (e.g.: you get to the Hotel and there is no wi-fi as promised), I'm not directly responsible, so you will have to solve the problem in a different way (I will help you find a solution, if you need).

Let's talk about PRICES. I will have a budget for my trip. Shall I consider your Service an Extra?

It's up to you - please tell me BEFORE I plan your trip. If you consider it an extra, I will plan a trip according to your budget. If you won't consider it an extra, I will plan the trip according to your budget minus the cost of my service. PAY ATTENTION: if you DO NOT specify anything about this, I will consider my service an extra, so you'll have to add my costs to your declared budget.

What about refunds?

My services are NOT refundable. All the other costs will be refundable if the third parts involved allow it.

Shall I pay you in advance? And how can I pay you?

Yes, my services are to be paid in advance. You can pay me with PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please, keep in mind that I will start planning your trip once the payment is completed and the money has been transferred.

So... how much are your services?

When you fill The Form and send it to me, you will receive an e-mail in 24 hours (or less) that will specificy you the costs. Prices may vary according to the kind of trip you want me to plan.

How much time will I have to wait to get your service?

From 7 to 15 working days for Full Trip Service. From 3 to 7 working days for Journey Only and Advices Only Services.

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