A Submerged Village in the Heart of the Alps

If you want to visit this incredible site you have to move in the middle of the Alps in the North-East of Italy, in a valley where a little artifcial lake called Lago di Resia created something unique in the world. This is what you are going to find:

The steeple of the submerged village of Curon Venosta.

Yes: it is a steeple in the middle of the lake. How could this happen?

Well, there was a village here called Curon, founded in 1141, a quiet place in the middle of the Alps where almost nothing happened for centuries and that became part of Italy in 1919 after World War I (it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before).

In 1950 this valley was chosen to create a dam and an artificial lake. The whole village was demolished and re-built a few miles away, and the rests of the old houses and the church were submerged by the new lake.

The steeple immediately became a tourist attraction. You can reach it by boat during summertime, or by feet or ski in wintertime, when the lake freezes (if you're brave enough!).

A MUST SEE if you choose to visit the Alps in the North-East of the country.

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