What I can do for you.


The kind of counseling you wished for.

Visiting Italy can be tricky. 

It's a wonderful country, full of attractions, wonderful places, monuments, history, mountains, lakes, sea shores, activities, good food. That's A LOT to see and to do. 

A local travel planner is the best you can have to be sure you won't miss anything during your trip. Plus, you will get a taylor-made trip for you, based on your interests and your needs.

I will help you choosing what fits for you.

Your trip here will be unforgettable.


The advices of a local.

I'm sure you heard too many times of tourists that had bad experiences during their trips. They ate in the wrong places, they spent a lot of money on worthless attractions, they fell into those unpleasant 'traps for tourists', they lost too much time on transfers. 

Well, I'm not here just to taylor-make your trip: I'm here to give you precious advices. I am a local and a professional travel planner. 

My interest is to give you the best Italian experience possibile. I want you to enjoy a lot, spending a few.


You decide what I will do.

I can offer you three kind of counseling.

FULL TRIP - this is the most valuable service I can give you. It includes the planning of your trip under every aspect (what to see, what do to, where to sleep, etc.), plus, all the links for reservations and my advices as a local.

JOURNEY ONLY - I will study the perfect itinerary for you, so you will know what to see and when (according to your time availability). You will take care of everything else.

ADVICES ONLY - if you have an already planned trip to Italy, I will give you all the advices a local can give, so you can maximize your experience. 




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I know, trusting people is hard nowadays.

But I guarantee I'm a 100% reliable pro. 

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